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Our mobile fundraising app engages your supporters to raise more money and connect deeper with your cause.


Boundless Fundraising®

Boost fundraising performance and engagement for your participants by extending their experience through our mobile app that integrates with the leading peer-to-peer platforms.

Boundless Check Deposit™

Avoid the snail mail wait with our secure mobile check deposit for participants and event administrators.

Boundless Community™

Let your supporters learn, grow and promote each other within your own mobile community.

Boundless Motion™

Get your participants moving by empowering them to track their activities and earn achievements along the way.

Boundless Experience™

Offer your participants the convenience of a streamlined, touchless check-in experience for your in-person events.

Boundless Enhancements™

Present your participants with custom and outside the box opportunities to fundraise and engage with your mission.

Delivering proven value for over a decade

With more than a decade’s worth of data, we’ve gotten pretty good at optimizing the level of success our clients have with our mobile fundraising solutions.

Boundless Solutions simplifies fundraising and allows your participants to monitor their success anytime, anywhere. With our suite of innovative products, the fundraising experience becomes all about the participants — they can fundraise how they want, when they want — leading to increased engagement and revenue along the way.


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From Our Clients

Charity Dynamics partners with the leading nonprofit organizations in North America.

“Boundless Solutions gave us the opportunity to continue to build on fundraisers’ knowledge of the importance of their dollars and what they were funding. So, when they walked away, they either felt good about fundraising or were going to start fundraising.”

Carrie Niemiste Stovall

VP of P2P Fundraising, Susan G. Komen

“We assumed activity tracking was going to be our focus, but quickly realized that custom avatars from Boundless Motion, were the key to complementing the event and keeping fundraisers involved.”

Lesa O'Brien

VP, Digital, Canadian Cancer Society

“A mobile app used to be a nice addition if you could invest in the technology, but no longer. Participants expect them across walks, marathons and even DIY. With Boundless Fundraising in the palm of their hands, our supporters now have the power to make a difference 24/7.”

Deanna van Lear

Kidney Walk National Director, National Kidney Foundation

Alzheimer’s Association is thrilled to be partnering with Charity Dynamics on Boundless Fundraising™, participant support and our website development. The quality of work we receive, every single time, plus the passion for innovation and the passion for driving change, has really been great for us.”

Noel Beebe

National Director, Digital Fundraising, Alzheimer's Association

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